Transform your body and mind with Maryland Systema: the ultimate martial art for self-defense and personal growth!

Unleash your full potential with the unique and highly effective martial art of Systema at Maryland Systema. Rooted in Soviet Russia, our approach emphasizes natural movement, breath control, and relaxation under stress for real-world self-defense.

One of the main reasons to train in Systema is its focus on practicality. Rather than relying on set forms or predetermined techniques, Systema teaches students to respond instinctively and effectively to any situation. This makes it a highly versatile martial art that can be applied in a wide range of self-defense scenarios.

Another reason to train in Systema is its emphasis on mental and physical relaxation. By teaching students to remain calm and centered under pressure, Systema helps to build resilience and mental toughness. This is especially useful in high-stress situations, where the ability to remain calm and focused can mean the difference between success and failure.

But Systema is more than just a martial art – it is also a way of life. Training in Systema requires a dedication to physical and mental well-being, and helps students to develop a more holistic and balanced approach to life.

Don't just take our word for it, Maryland Systema has been recognized as a top martial arts provider by awards such as "Top Fitness & Exercise Companies and Startups in Maryland 2021" by Quins Sports Business Magazine, "Best of 2019" and "Best Martial Arts Teachers in Washington DC 2020" by Expertise, and "Best Martial Arts School in Silver Spring, MD 2021", "Best Martial Arts School in Rockville, MD 2022" and "City's Best Award - Winner 2021". We have built a reputable brand within the martial arts community, gaining recognition and media coverage through appearances on credible platforms such as the Russian Heritage Channel, NC Systema, and industry-leading podcasts.

Join us for a FREE class at The Dance Exchange on Thursdays at 7:30 PM. Limited class size, please text 301 326 9146 to confirm. Our studio is Studio 3, the closest one to the front door and there is plenty of free parking at and surrounding this building. Please wear comfortable clothes including long pants or trousers.

Jim, Founder and Chief Instructor, and our highly-qualified and internationally-certified instructors look forward to training with you and answer any questions you may have.

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