Sunday, September 20

2020 2-week Arts Event and Virtual Festival

The 4th Annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival Has a New TwistBecause of COVID-19, the Wheaton Arts Parade (WAP) can't risk bringing the community together...

Wheaton, MD
Stream Available
Pawpaw & Pollinators Festival

Celebrate the unique pawpaw tree and its fruit. Revel in the mystery and wonder of the pollinators that fuel our plentiful harvest. September is a month-long...

Children's Day

Join us at Brookside Gardens to get outside and experience the “Good Garden Vibes and Wellness” that comes from being near plants. Small groups will rotate...

WAP Virtual Festival 2020

The WAP2020 Festival is a Virtual V-FEST The WAP V-Fest features performances by local students, artists, and arts organizations including Strathmore,...

Virtual Event
*ONLINE* Pet Portraits Workshop

Create a personal keepsake of your lovely pet in our Pet Portrait class! In this single day workshop you’ll earn how to turn a quick simple sketch into a...

Virtual Event
Family Pottery Mini Session I *ONSITE*

Spend some quality time as a family exploring the world of clay! Whether your clay creations are purely decorative or practical pieces, you'll treasure the...

Sunday, September 20